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Space… The final frontier. These are the aliens of the NOBULL starship…

The mission: To have fun. To detect and wipe off the bulls#!t.

To play with enticing tastes and explore new civilizations.

To put some color in this world and to boldly go where no snack has gone before.

the crew

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: Our saga

Yellow Piece

.a fam, tribe of like-minded urban guerillas that come from a planet near Sirius, that’s d brightest star in planet earth’s night sky

.our mission is to help find fun and a whole lotta joie in life, something that's out of the question without a good fashioned NO BULL... detector .a popsense, awareness of the msm's fake, phony, and fraudulent sh*t that makes life both too sirius and miserable

.we believe every day offers a beautiful and unique opportunity to cut the everyday generic bulls#!t, fake emoticons, and the state of being society's b*tch

.using your NO BULL... detector you may get by to living life’s beauty to the d fullest in a world of freedom and
Line Shadowself-expression, world where you don't just copy create bulls#!t art, but you live it

.our snacks are a fine cut of your taste buds' fav flavors inspiring you and your kickback buddies & chicks to not just enjoy, but always seek more, and always get the best of your own bulls#!t-preventing magic

.we believe that when you StarLine 1 just give a fu*n while being aware of the bulls#!t around, you always bring it, n never sing it

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